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  1. commosmart1 says:

    What is a good low price food to feed a Mastiff breed dog? I am looking for answers from people that own a mastiff and use the food, where can I buy it? Thanks

  2. I’d suggest not putting your dog on too low of a priced dog food. They have Eukanuba breed specific dog food for animals at any dogs store. They aren’t as expensive but aren’t such a cheap dog food that it will hurt your dog in the long run. Two of the three mastiff owners i know use it. I use the boxer specific for my dog in Eukanuba.

    good luck.

  3. i have a pure breed newzealand mastiff and want to breed him with my mrs red nose pitt bull is this a good idea what wpuld they cum out lyke

  4. animalgurl says:

    Any mastiff that is bred to any bull breed (pitbull, american bulldog,etc ) are often referred to as bandogs (bandogges) Try googling this name- they are fantastic looking dogs but you are definitly not the first person to come up with this idea. Bandogs have been bred intentionally for many, many years. The prefferd mix is usually a neopolitan mastiff/pitbull or an american bulldog/mastiff. I prefer the neo cross. The dog “Curley” that was used on an episode of Fear Factor was a neo/pit bandog.
    You should never breed a male mastiff to a female pitbull. Always a male pitbull to a female mastiff. Otherwise you will end up with a female dog that needs a c-section and most likey she will die.
    A New Zealand Mastiff/ Rednose pitbull would turn out pretty cool looking but my personal favorite will always be a neo/pit cross. I just haven’t seen a more impressive bully when well bred.

  5. statecalifornia2009 says:

    there are few different mastiff’s dogs out there such as

    breed mastiff
    gorwn about 27-30pounds and weight about 160-190pounds and live for 10-12 years and came from britain. theyre a massive dog with a square head and short muzzle . the pendant ears lie close to the cheeks the tail is highl set and tapering. the coat is short, and may be golden, fawn, or brindle with a black mask and dark ears. the dogs wre employed by the military forces of the ancient greeks and romans. the mastiff was already estbilshed in britain by the time the roman lefions arrived in 43 ad and it is thought that it may have been introduced by phoenician traders as early as the 6th century bc. one of the heaviest and most powerful of dogs, the mastiff has been used at various times in its long history as a war dog, fighting dog. bull and bear -baiter, big game hunter, as well as live sotck ,, property and personal guardian and companion , but despite its imposing size ,and undoubted ability as a guard dog. it tends to have a calm and steady temperament. however , it should be thoughly socialized when young, as it can otherwise be aggressive toward other dogs.

    bullmastiff grown about 24-27inches long and weight about 90-130lbs and live for 8-10 years and came from britain. used to protect country estates and their game from poachers. it was tained not to maul or bite. ,but to find, overpower and restain intruders and this behavior would go on to make it a popular watchdog, guard dog, and police dog, long after the need for gamekeepers’ dogs waned. its is loyal family guardian and companion.

    neapolitan mastiff
    grown about 24-30inch long and weight about 110-165pounds and live for 8-10 years and came from italy.
    used as a war and gladiatorial dog. and police dog. draft work, guarding and companionship. today is usually peaceful and affectionate ,although it can be wary of strangers and will protect its owner fearlessly if neccessary.

  6. im thinking of getting an english mastiff anything i should know about he breed? common problems, etc? also does anyone know the approximate length wnd height of the dogs?

  7. i want to buy a medium to large dog.i want a muscular dog i have owned a german shepherd when i was 8.now im 14 i am interested in mastiff and pitbull type dog.i am also interested in neapoliton mastiff and great dane.i wanna ask u about your experience with any large breed mentioned and also give me your advice which dog breed is good for me.

  8. PeterGriffin says:

    Well, youll be off to college in a few years (4)..unless you write your high school papers like you wrote this question.. lol in that case forget it.
    Anywho, Mastiffs and pitbulls etc.. are not easy to train, take constant exerting of your dominance over them, etc. Frankly, as an 8yo you were not training this dog…your parents were. As a result, just because you’ve grown up to 14yo with a certain breed, doesnt mean you truly know how to deal with them….

    If you think you do, then my next question is, what are you going to do with it when it’s a 4yo dog and you have to leave it to go to college?
    That said,…. I know a TON about Molossoid breeds, but will not suggest ones for you due to the fact that I honestly feel like you do not know what you are wanting to get yourself into…..
    Other than the fact that you want a big strong muscular intimidating dog to impress or scare people,why else do you want a dog over 100-150lbs? Are you in the city or country? If you are in an apartment in the middle of the city, then forget it!!!

    FYI, Neos are super unhealthy and, next to the English bulldog, the great dane is the next unhealthiest breed of dog.. living only 8-9 years on average.

  9. SamanthaE says:

    I have 2 & am importing more to start an Australian Kennel of International standards & am very interested in the General public perception of the breed.

  10. Personally I think they are awesome and hard to find. I have only seen a few in my 40 years of showing/breeding.
    The main problem you will have is their size. You will need to find good homes and many people shy away from the giant breeds (I have Newfoundlands). In a way that is a good thing. If I had to get another breed, A Tibetan Mastiff is the one I would choose. Good luck.

  11. ILoveMyCat! says:

    Hi, I’m looking into getting a dog and am a bit stuck as to which breed.
    Before anyone starts commenting saying have you enough time etc i am currently unemployed so the dog is for a companion and will have my company all day. Before you say can i afford it – my partner works full time in a well paid job. We have no children but however have 2 cats. I have previously owned a cavalier king charles spaniel and a german shepherd and an akita, who lived harmoniously together – and who still do at my mums. I am looking for a dog that will be good with cats and who is affectionate. I would also like my dog to be able to be a good defense dog as some break ins have happened in the area recently. And No i am NOT getting the dog for a guard dog, i am getting him for a companion, just would be a bonus if he was a good guard dog. This is not a decision we have made over night, we have been planning this since christmas. we have already got some items for dog etc. We also have a large garden and live near a dirt track:) i have looked into it and have found that Mastiffs generally get on well with other animals, are friendly and affectionate, and who are also good protection dogs. I was wondering if anyone knew if this was true etc? or if anyone could help by naming some breeds? thanks.
    and yes i regularly go jogging so the dog would obviously be walked!

  12. Uponadaydreamer says:

    I agree about the German Shepherd option. My husband’s family own shepherds: she had a lot of training, and is better with other dogs than mine (who is a small, friendly, push over). She is also excellent with cats. And children. And adults… just barks incessantly (because they are built as alarms).

    As long as you get a dog that is used to cats, or you get one as a puppy, it should get along with the cats fine. Getting your cats to be okay with the dog, however, is a different story.

    Personally: I think a boxer sounds like a good idea. They are super friendly animals, very loyal, and very obedient. They do resemble a pit bull- to the untrained eye- so that could deter anyone from testing your home’s boundaries.

    Try to stay away from hound dogs (beagles, coonhounds, greyhound, dachshund)- they don’t mesh as well with other species- as they are bred to hunt them. Obviously with exposure and training, they might be fine; this all depends on the dog, but I also believe that hounds are more independent and are HARDER to train.

    We had a Katahoula shepherd dog x australian shepherd. The aussie made her super friendly, the katahoula made her loyal and protective. Aussies can be protective, too.. it just depends on the individual animal. They do take a lot of exercise, though…

    Mastiffs are huge. I wouldn’t get one, as they cost a lost of money, won’t live as long, are a lot to handle… and I’ve seen some that aren’t friendly with other dogs. They are also hard to travel with, to babysit, to move, to care for… But if you REALLY love one… then get it.

    Any dog that you get that is larger and black will look more intimidating- which is why German Shepherds are super intimidating (black face). Dobermans are good, too- very companion-oriented. Should be fine with cats if you integrate them as a puppy- and go through extensive training. (Shepherd, too.)

    I personally… want a dog that doesn’t shed. Actually, a standard poodle (the larger breed) are excellent dogs. They are brilliant, loyal, and have the right balance of friendly and protective. I would look into one of those.
    Mutts are my favorite… your best bet is to look through craiglist or the humane society… I don’t trust pitbulls, but you never know. You could find a dog that is known to be very protective, mixed with a friendly dog… and I say you have the best bet.

    Friendly: lab, golden retriever, boxer, beagle, australian shepherd, …
    Protective: pitbull, german shepherd, rottweiler, doberman, american bulldog…
    Don’t shed: poodle, schnauzer, cocker spaniel, shitsu…
    All around… there are so many breeds… it is really hard to to make a final decision, because it also depends on the individual dog… I am looking for one like this, too. But the dogs that are protective and good with other dogs (that I know of) are generally Dobermans and Germans. Again, it just depends.

    I must admit, though; I did walk our German Shepherd to the market at dark, through a bad neighborhood, one day… and NO ONE approached us. In fact, the stepped away from our path and let us walk by. She’s a great dog. I want a German Shepherd because of that. Also, they can work as help dogs with the right training… and can go anywhere. 😉

  13. Hi to all,

    I have googled a lotta stuff, but I somehow could not find anything specific, but all statistics. So I would like to know (ONLY from people who actually own the two breeds or have seen them together in REAL) which is a BIGGER breed – DOG DE BORDEAUX/FRENCH MASTIFF or BULL MASTIFF, purely in terms of overall size and which one LOOKS more imposing ( i am not interested in nature, characteristics, history or anything like that.

    Thanks much!

  14. JenniferT says:

    I’ll breed mine to yours! What a great idea! So I know he is breeding
    quality, please answer the followiong questions. Please fault your dog to
    Has he been DNA’d and tested for Cardiac Evaluation – OFA
    CERF Screening (Canine Eye Research Foundation)
    Hip Dysplasia (OFA or PennHIP)
    Thyroid Function Test (blood test)? What are the results?
    What is his pedigree, and have any had a problem with Cataract Dermoid cyst Ectropion Entropion Hip Dysplasia Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD) Osteochondritis Dissecans Persistent Pupillary Membrane Progressive Retinal Atrophy?
    What are your dog’s most outstanding virtues?
    What titles does he have?

    Do you see the problem here? If you can’t answer these questions, you really
    should not be breeding your dog. There are SO many poorly bred, sickly dogs
    because a dog that looks ok on the outside, can carry ALL these problems on
    the inside, and unless you study your dog’s breed and gentics, you won’t
    know! You’ll just think of all the cute, fluffy puppies, and when disaster
    strikes, what will you do? How will you feel if you sell or give a puppy to
    your best friend, and it dies from some preventable disease after costing
    them thousands of dollars to try to save? Breeding isn’t just slapping two
    dogs together. It is a HUGE responsiblity for the rest of the puppies lives.

  15. HappyNewYeartoallDogLovers says:

    it is true a great dane eat a lot or it is a not the case

    which dog breed eat more dane or Bull mastiff

    Which dog breed is more Costly ?

  16. When you consider the cost of maintaining a large dog, the cost of food pales into insignificance. The veterinary costs will be horrific and all dogs need a vet at times. There is also transport to consider, is your car large enough to take him to the vets.Will you want to take your dog to the beach or a dog park, can you walk there. A large car is vital for many expects of a dogs well being.

    You will need large beds, collars and a large house. Are you an experienced dog owner and can you cope with training a very large dog? What is more important, can you afford insurance and the additional costs associated with having a giant breed.

    If you are at present having to consider the cost of food, don’t get a dog. Even miniature dogs are expensive to maintain.

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